The Ultimate Digital Toolkit for the events industry.

Payments, access control, fan engagement and reports.
All via one simple platform.
Event payments

Virtual payments ✔

RFID cashless ✔

Cash/EMV integration ✔

Tokens and vouchers ✔

Online click and collect ✔

Access Control

Gates management ✔

Staff accreditation ✔

Ticketing integration ✔

Zonal access control ✔

Footfall counting ✔

Fan engagement

Campaign enablement ✔

Social media integration ✔

Loyalty & rewards ✔

Live promotions ✔

Map user journeys ✔

Digital reports

Sales and financial reports ✔

Footfall reports ✔

Interaction reports ✔

Staffing insights ✔

Real-time reporting ✔

Purpose built for events and venues.

Delivered on-site via an innovative Android app. It’s compatible with RFID mobile devices and fixed hardware, and it can operate offline for days

Mobile deployment

Scalable cloud infrastructure

Fully customisable

Easy, visual, comprehensive.

More data shouldn’t mean more work. Our platform creates easy-to-read visual reports in real-time.

See transactions and sales

View transactions by value, location, product, user or payment method.

Monitor Access Control

Manage user permissions, view footfall and review venue or zonal capacity.

Staff resource insights

See peaks and troughs in service levels to maximize staff efficiency.

Engagement reports

Measure campaign effectiveness and prove ROI value, increasing sponsorship revenue.

Compare data sets

Overlay multiple layers of data to reveal consumer behaviours and spend patterns.

Spend visualization

Accurate spend and redemption rates for payments, vouchers and tokens.

Our track record

40 Countries

6 Continents

> 1,000 Events

> 1m Unique users per year


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